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Gaia Speaks of Two Rivers: Which River Will You Choose?

There are two rivers.

Gaia speaks of there being two rivers -We can use these rivers as an analogy of this time.

One river is fast flowing, clear and crystalline in nature. In this river you will feel expansion and greater love, peace in your heart and a knowing that you are on the way to paradise -this is the river to our new Golden Earth- a life of co- creation, unity consciousness and unconditional love. This river takes us to our 5th dimensional earth.

The other river is murky, stagnant, slightly smelly, full of debris and very deep. There is much here to explore, uncover and discover. The murky river holds a lot of interest, a lot of story and much sadness. If one spends too long in there it would be easy to get very depressed, to get caught up in the negative emotions and be spending a lot of time in worry, anxiety and fear as you try and make sense of what you are learning and what you are seeing. This river- this murky river will take you to a place where you will have loss of freedoms and personal rights and sovereignty and is very much in alignment with the new world order. If you stay here you will begin to lose your rights, have your body compromised with poisons and your mind programmed more deeply.

Always on this earth we have a choice – this is a planet of free-will.

Gaia is saying it is time to make the choice which River you are going to follow.

If you are a light worker then it is time to get out of the murky river; clear and clean your body and fields; bring yourself back to harmony and into the heart. Join the others in the crystalline river. You may observe and witness the murky river from there.

A crucial remembering is that Energy Flows where focus goes.

Gaia says

Shift your focus from

What is……. to ……………. What is possible.

Dream up our new earth.

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