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Gaia Speaks on We are blooming!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Notes from Gaia December 18 2018

Feeling this energy of newness, freshness, and a new beginning today even though it is numerology speaking, a 5 day.

This morning Titan, my personal dragon, and I are dancing in a figure of 8, creating these infinity symbols in the air, all the way down to the cave in this beautiful rhythmic movement and motion and when we land there, the elementals' are sweeping the back of the cave and cleaning the walls.

Gaia is weaving and creating this energetic infinity symbol. She is moving her right hand and arm to create this shape horizontally in front of her body right to left and back to the right. She then feeds this into the vertical structure of the DNA and the flower of life, the helix to the world. She is weaving that signal through the motion of her hands and arms; and as it comes across to her right, tilts into a vertical position and then it goes up into that structure. Each time a new one gets made it moves in and tilts vertically so this is occurring in this continual creation and flow. Gaia is showing me and saying this is a little bit of a reset day; we are changing up in vibration again.

These infinity symbols are rising up to the surface of the earth from the cave of Gaia and they are coming up to bring in codes of infinity. This is limitlessness, which is about expansion and unlimited thinking and being and this greater way of operating in the world. It is also that we may each become better at manifesting and have a more expanded way of operating with ourselves, of levelling-up to our mastery.

Gaia says there is a lot more understanding for us to gather and remember about the use of this infinity symbol in terms of time loops, creation and expansion. In all ways and shapes and forms. Whereas in the past Mother Mary has often guided me to use the infinity symbol, the infinity movement and motion for balancing people on my healing table; for bringing into alignment various chakras and aspects and elements; especially of the left and right, the masculine and feminine; this symbol is now coming to show us a whole new vibration and can be used in many new ways. We will discover more and more as we begin to use it.

Gaia is showing me how we could create an infinity symbol where one end, or one side of the loop, one side of the figure eight, is smaller than the other and we create what we want in the smaller component and then we push it, pump it, squeeze it through the crossover point into the larger aspect and it multiplies, it expands. So that’s obviously a manifestation tool that we can play with.

Also Gaia is indicating that we can use this infinity symbol to build walls; as a field of protection. We can set these infinity symbols lying on their side and stacked up; use them almost like blocks and so what I’m being shown is octagonal or hexagonal shapes, built by stacking the infinity symbol lying on its side and then each wall moved together into an octogon or a hexagon. Gaia is saying is that it is a powerful fluidic shape that is very flexible, and it can also be closed off at the top and bottom, squeezed together. That this is a powerful way to create an energetic grid of protection.

There’s also this aspect that there is this elasticity quality to this system, especially where things can be squeezed out. I’m being shown that its useful to be used in healing sessions for example because she is saying to me, it prevents reattachment, so when we as healers are removing and releasing things from peoples bodies and fields, having this wall, this series of infinity symbols stacked up into octagons or hexagons, allows for what is removed to be squeezed out through the walls and then they wont be reattached n the process, so I guess its just another way of using that tool. Its not been my experience that that happens but maybe it does for some healers, or maybe this is yet to come. It is my guidance to share what I get because I am aware that information may come in small chunks over time or that others may get information that connects in with the information I get, so I ask you to accept and discern what is personally useful or not.

Now I’m being shown this image of the infinity symbol on the surface of the earth and its effect on creating flow - greater flow of energy. I am being shown that it can operate like the wind in the trees; moving energy out, having the effect of opening-up the branches. While this movement will relate to trees, it will be a metaphor for us. it has this expansive quality to open-up spaces in order to allow greater flow. Gaia is saying that she wants to encourage us to play with this symbol and see what it is that we can use it for and to explore; because its uses are infinite (hah that’s funny right). I certainly hadn’t thought about that before; about the infinity symbol being infinite; that really makes me chuckle.

I’m also being shown this motion of the infinity symbols moving out through the trees in a fountain like way in that they arch and they don’t go beyond a certain point. There’s a firmament; and at that point they arch around and then they come back and return to the centre of the earth where they are recycled; so there is this recycling of the infinity symbol as well. It hits an invisible firmament; it doesn’t look as though its as high as the other firmament that I’ve seen; it’s, I’m hearing 44 metres; so that’s all I can give you on that. I’m watching it come up almost through the trunk of the tree; it comes up from beneath and then splays out like a fountain and then back down into the centre of the earth where it goes into this underground river in the centre of the earth. There is this cleansing trough; a round tunnel and it has this movement like a washing machine; it moves and rotates, tumbling the infinity symbol in the water, cleansing it, renewing it, for its next cycle. Interesting!

Gaia has really got her humour on today. She’s showing me this bunch of flowers and saying, “like a bunch of flowers its blooming, you know we are into this new time, this fresh time, this awakening time, blooming, blooming, blooming. We are blooming with new purity and new innocence and new beginnings and new levels and greater excitement and greater expansion.”

I feel it like a giant in-breath, I can really feel the energy of that in my heart. It’s phenomenal actually; it is the energy of divine love.

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