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Gaia says "These frequencies will create combustion in your cells!"

4 April 2019

There are exploding coloured balls of light in the inner earth today; kind of gives the impression of Holi day, and it is the same in Gaia’s cave.

There’s a new energy; it is one of excitement and upliftment.

The energy coming to the planet today is drilling holes into the physical earth to allow high frequency gamma rays to permeate through to the centre. This is to create an internal reference of energy to then be regulated outwards in a filtered manner; so, it is a gentler way of affecting humanity.

These frequencies will have a combustion effect on human cells; clearing again at a deep, deep level; cellular residue and debris. This now accessing ancient cellular memory from the earliest incarnations on earth and the technologically advanced civilisations of Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis. Also, a little of Babylon.

The edges of these memories have already begun to be dissolved and referenced in the conscious physical unconscious (of the body in this life) but now we are accessing ancient wounds and behaviour drivers and old controlling patterns that are secreted in the deepest places of human cellular structure and memory. These will arise, in the case of the Lightworker, to be confronted and addressed but the current level of ascension for Lightworkers is such that the emotions will be detached and the memories will be accessed as powerful lessons to NOT be repeated; as the repercussions of these behaviours, patterns and actions will be clearly shown. This is so there is no possibility of repeat. Those in subsequent waves may have a more subtle experience of these times.

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