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Gaia says the tide is turning!

16 March 2019

As I rolled out into the multiverse this morning everything was out of wack. The ratios and proportions were all wrong, things were crumbling and disintegrating, the dragons were struggling to fly and keep balance. It was very challenging to make sense of and I came back to my body as I felt very discombobulated. Later in the evening I tuned in and was given these messages.

Master Rakoski

"Yes, everything is being prepared for a reset. Metaphorically you were being shown that everything is changing, nothing will be the same."

Lady Sarah

"We are flowering and blossoming into a new time at the passing of this full moon."


Earlier in the year Gaia had described this full moon in March as the point at which the tides will turn. She had given information about the cycles we would be taken through in these first few months of the year and had used the metaphor of a gemstone; rough cut in January, tumbled in February and finely polished in March. She spoke of each cycle involving purging and cleansing in the new moon phase, through to absorbing and integrating at the full moon phase. She said that each month the frequency would be higher and finer in its vibration. A bit like a finishing school for light-workers!

On the 16th she told me, "We will have a very quiet, still and contemplative time as we come to this portal full moon day. Moving into and out of this will take us into a zero point, a still-point, a nothingness. Then the new will begin, gently and quietly, building up to a clanging celebration at the April full moon."

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