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Gaia Speaks On This Heavenly Gateway

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Transmission by Sharron on 21-12-2020

All is well, all is well, all is well!

Our world is opening up through a new heavenly gateway, where the auspices of change are raining down upon us in the form of awakening and upgrading codes; for the body, for the heart, for all systems and cells; for gifts and qualities that support each of you in our new 5th dimensional world as we move gradually into harnessing, accessing, and embodying, more and more of these codes. What we get over these couple of days gives us a big, accelerated charge, a big boost.

Many of you will feel this in your body; you will feel it coming in, you may feel it as an electrical tingling, you may feel it as a wave, or a wash. You may feel as though your body is being stretched and moved. You might feel it through your head as an expansion; it may cause some pressure in the body, some pain in the body. Breathe through it, be in nature, allow it to move out through your feet and into the earth. That is the best way to move pain. Offer no resistance, lie down, go to sleep, all these things will help. Drink water- drink warm water. Relax, know that it is all an opening to receive an upgrading of beautiful, sparkling, higher frequencies and codes.

Allow these to come into the body. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Be calm, place your hands on your heart and be at peace there. Be at peace! Feel the love, feel the joy, be in joy, be in the joy and enjoy being in the joy, for these vibrational pulses that are coming through, bring that frequency. It comes to all> It comes to all sentient beings and each will be able to receive, accept and hold in their body, what they are ready for, and what there is space for, but everyone, everything, every being will receive these codes. It is just the amount that will differ and that will be according to your readiness and your desire.

When the gate is fully opened at the time of the solstice it will be like a very strong pressured faucet being fully open and that is how it looks- it looks like a waterfall -a strong narrow waterfall filled with sparkling diamond light. It comes in many forms -you may see it coming in as fractals- these repeating patterns and symbols of swirling movement- you may see it coming in as little diodes, as large diamonds – you may see it come in as plasmic light; like a slice of re-fracted prism colours sitting on top of a pond.

You may see it come in as rainbow waves -you may see it come in many different ways. Receive it, breathe it, ground it. Enjoy! Smile!

Welcome to our new earth- welcome, welcome, welcome!

Many of you will feel this expansion; through the heart, like a stretch, as though your chest is being stretched wide open. As you receive frequencies that take you to a place of being able to both give and receive higher aspects of unconditional love, breathe.

This is the secret, this is the essence of the work; to be open to receiving- to concentrate on breathing- in through the nose- out through the mouth- whilst feet are on the ground.

And you may feel pressure on the top of your head, your Crown chakra, as much pours in through there. Just invite all to open and soften and receive -as we move more and more into Golden light- more and more into paradise – and each of you will recognise that you are changing -that you are transitioning through dimensional shifts -accessing higher level thinking, being, processing.

That your Claire’s are returning.

Maybe your Clairaudience, your ability to hear from other realms-

Maybe your Clairvoyance- your ability to see with your third eye or inner vision.

Maybe your Clairsentience- your ability to perceive information through the subtle energy body or your Claircognizance- this knowing- this inner knowing.

and there are other Claire’s too.

So maybe you now see colours in your third eye and by the time you have moved through this you might see as though you are watching a beautiful movie.

For everyone, this energy will have a different effect, a different outcome, but we will all have shifted, we will all have greater access to greater gifts. We will be operating in a higher frequency, our hearts will be more open. Our ability to stay in higher frequency and in peace will be enhanced. Our abilities to access and connect to lower dimensional frequencies will be decreased. It is beautiful, it is wonderful! May you find joy and peace and love in your hearts. So, if you are having some trouble surrendering to these energies; if you are finding that you are in pain, and in resistance to them coming in, then imagine this.

Imagine that you are lying on your back- floating on a river- where there is just this gentle movement- this gentle current -and visualize doing that -floating down the river -safe- held-buoyant- surrendering to the current of the river. Hazy-lazy-days in the sun -witnessing the beauty on the banks of the river and floating with the current. You are so loved and so held. I love you; I love you; I love you. All is well, all is well, all is well!


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