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Gaia On "Talking To Your TeamBody"


20 April 2019

All is well. We are changing: -human and planet and animal species are each being affected at this time of change, balance and new beginnings. Old, outdated, outmoded cellular memories are being released. Some will be seen, be visible and recognizable; as ancient memories and lives or as recurring themes of emotional responses to events and circumstances. Some will be invisible.

Whatever it is, attend to it, that is the emotion or memory, in the way that seems appropriate to you. A general rule of thumb is the following: Acknowledge and thank it for what it has offered to you in the way of lessons and personal growth. Ask if there is anything else you need to glean from it before it leaves. Be grateful. Know that in this time we are venturing through a place, a turning point where many have released most of what needed to be expunged. There is always a spectrum. It is an ongoing cycle of release, allowing and receiving new energies, codes, upgrades. But the first wave is on the finishing aspect and can assist and support the next wave.

Know this. Your body is an exceptionally intelligent organism full of billions of cells that are, on some level, continually in a state of change and metamorphosis. Therefore, develop the habit of creating dialogue with your body and the various aspects of it as though you are conversing with a team member, that you are in relationship with your body but as the person in charge. If you are in pain, acknowledge it, speak to your body; ask it to soften, to open, to allow the pain to leave. Again, thank it for the lessons and growth opportunities. The more you can go to this place of acceptance and allowance; that right now all is well and in perfection; that you and everything that is happening around you is in perfect and divine timing, the easier and gentler this transformation will be. Also appreciate your body; it works hard for you.

Remember that the universe is always with you- never is it against you! It is only one’s own resistance to change or non-acceptance of “what is” that creates pain. Try to view it as would a curious child. Ask, “what is this, what is it that I am being offered; regarding a lesson or opportunity or experience?” Be the observer, detach from it emotionally. When you recognize your emotional response (it’s okay to feel it), just make a choice as to how long you will sit in that pain and feeling, it is entirely your choice.

Then release the emotion; as this is what helps to recognize existing conditions of hurt, pain and wounding. Next detach and view it as the observer. Go to a higher perspective. Engage from your wise-self, your higher self. Ask for help if you need it. Ask your spiritual guidance team or book a session with a healer. Give it time; as in, be patient in the observing, in the watching, in the viewing. Be patient and curious: is there humour, a lesson, a repeat scenario? Many of these arising issues and pains have come about from repeated experiences in this lifetime and others.

If you were the script writer, what might be the background story? What might some of the other characters be experiencing? Viewing the story through the perspective of the other characters in your play might be enlightening. Remember to be light and gentle with self. It is just a role you chose to play on your journey back to wholeness.

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