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Gaia on Planetary Energies

Gaia on Planetary Energies

2 January

On this day the energies are peaking up and down, so one might feel that one is in this high state like the top of a needle point mountain peak in one moment and then down in the very bottom point at another. The energies are moving up and down very quickly, very rapidly like that, as we are preparing to move into a new space. So people may feel unsettled, on this day in particular and over this next few weeks, with this eclipse coming and this movement through the red star-gate portal. Many people will feel a little unsettled, not so much ungrounded, although being grounded and purposefully grounding in will be helpful,

just because the movement, the motion is almost extreme. Its radical sharp shifts up and down, up and down and so the body is being affected on a cellular level and through all fields; through the physical body and then through each of the fields; the etheric, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and then in further connection with the divine. All of those fields are in this continual see-saw motion but it’s very rapid, so the main thing for knowledge today, is to be centred because when one is centred, and the grounding helps with that, then one only wobbles a little bit and the up and down motion one will feel but not the side to side movement because of being in that middle ground and in that centred aspect. So being centred is the most important thing today.

Anything special for lightworkers to do regarding these energies?

In being centred one has greater stability and when one has greater stability; in holding space in that stable manner, that helps the collective in its energetic.

The planet is moving into the next phase of our movement and there are stability wings as the planet is going to speed up and spin faster. The energetic waves are like a moving series of lines that take on the shape of the petals of a lotus flower. They are moving as a vibrational pulse in rows of these pointed arch waves and they are acting as a stabilizing energy as though they are wings because the planet is going to start to spin faster in the next phase of our movement. They are going to help hold the planet.

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