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Gaia On New Zealand-bit of a surprise!

I ask Gaia about NZ

Gaia says:

Here in New Zealand, it is that such contrast is held- where the light on the surface is equally matched by the darkness underneath. As in all cases and places there is balance and polarity. In many ways the beauty of the landscape has held the people in suspension, and it is their time now to come out.

To come out, to grow, to open their eyes, and to see through the veils. Then to allow the land to be purged.

The squeeze will be great here, as when cleared the frequency will be high.

We must hold one another well as the ground erupts energetically, like the mud geysers. This is the visual metaphor I am shown. As centuries of bloodletting and density is released to the surface for transmutation of all that is held in the land beneath the surface. Like the clogged veins in the human body, the land of NZ will be pristine in all ways once again.

Like the shining jewels in the oceans.

As the sleep is wiped from the baby's eyes.

In many ways the population of New Zealand is like that.

There are many light-workers here, doing their work and carrying their load, to assist and clear this giant laundry load, where everything is cleaned and cleared and purified, from the tops of the mountains to the veins beneath the land. The blood of Gaia. We may see some of our water's releasing spurts of rusty brown, or it may take on an orangey color, representing aspects of the purification of the blood of Gaia being washed out, like the menses, the end of a cycle. And I am clearly shown Lake Taupo and rusty coloured water. Not that the whole lake becomes that but as though there are spigots or pipes rising up from the edges and the base. Streams of rusty coloured water.

We will soon geographically rise; more land will rise to the surface and our external perimeter will expand above the surface of the seas.

NB: In the past she has shown me and has directly answered the question about major natural disasters, with, no not major, but many smaller natural disasters.

New Zealander's are like the naive children and they're going to be awakened now. We must hold space for them, for one another, for the huge waves of shock that are to come.

And how spectacular this land will be when it's revealed! AND the blankets are pulled back and this whenua comes back to it's pristine nature...

and I can feel the energy of that – WOW! WOW!

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