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Gaia on Days of Darkness

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

This still sits as a potentiality. There are many ways this could show up, for example power down, Internet down, the earth light or sun being blocked.

This could be global or regional or geographic.

Whichever or whenever any of these happen it will be a signal that the end, or the beginning, or the changeover point, has begun, in a tangible, physical manner that everyone will be unable to ignore.

There is also still a possibility that each of these may occur, and that there may be some crossover or coexistence, or up to two or more of these occurring in the same or similar time frame, of three, ten or fourteen days.

There will be an incoming shock-wave, a pulsating wave that enters the Earth's atmosphere. This will have the effect of a vibrational clean up- through all layers and stratums. This could also be perceived as a solar flash and may include strong components of gamma rays.

These will be felt strongly in the body of both planet and earth.

They will have a catalytic effect of instant transmutation. For some it will be this that has the effect like a concussion or a lightning strike.

You could call it soon…. even from a human earthly perspective!

Humanity is more prepared than appears, as many have come close to-almost giving up. This has taken them to a neutral point which has come through overload; a weariness, a tiredness of the narratives, a feeling of disbelief, that none of it makes sense. So, shifting to being with what is because there is not enough ‘normal 3 dimensional’ understanding. Dazed and confused to a point of acceptance is another position many will be occupying.

The effect on the planet will cause its various elements to move and expand in the same way that affects the human body through the cells, tissues, and fluids- through penetration of the cells and matter causing expansion, osmosis, transduction, and transmutation. Therefore, although the human body will not be structurally externally rearranged there will be internal alchemical changes of catalytic effects, and the planet is the same. There will be some movements and adjustments between and within structures that may impact upon movement of the tectonic plates however the seismic action as a result will be minimal.

Re-calibration of the human body and the physical density of the planet can and will be affected at the same time and from the same event. The effect on the planet will cause its various elements to move and expand in the same way. It will affect the human body through cells, tissue, and fluids and a penetration of the cells and matter causing expansion, becoming larger or more extensive, - osmosis, the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, transduction, this process of converting something and especially energy into another form and transmutation, transformation of one species into another. This of course ex exactly what is happening in our human body as we shift from carbon to crystalline.

Therefore, although the human body will not be structurally externally rearranged, there will be internal alchemical changes of catalytic effects. The planet is the same. Same movements and adjustments between and within structures that might impact upon movement of the tectonic plates. However, this seismic action as a result will be minimal.

Also, these can be affected at the same time in and from the same event!

The Sonic boom and the solar flash will come like a huge lightning storm that lights up the sky all around the world, all at the same time. It will move through the atmosphere with this resounding sound like a cracking of a whip; that cannot go unnoticed. The flash will also be like a lightning flash, like sheet lightning but will be sustained a little longer than a normal lightning flash. It will be a little bit eerie and maybe a little bit frightening for many; and darkness may come with that. We are not entirely sure how long that darkness will prevail.

There will be another planetary speed up, another planetary shift through the galaxy, another movement further into the photonic belt.

We are going through a series of warmup exposures, a bit like when people are building up their fitness. We are building up the fitness of the human body to be exposed to these higher-level frequencies and energies, and to be able to house them in a way that brings ease with as little discomfort as possible.

So yes, there is another access shift, not a pole inversion, now the axis shift with another two degrees to go, so we will have move 3 1/2 degrees after this next movement, as we moved 1 1/2 degrees through the recent solar eclipse. This is all in preparation for us to be in our rightful and correct position in the Galaxy, holding our higher dimensional energy in our golden light, with our fifth dimensional song and essence, pulsing out across the multiverse.

Back to the Sonic occasion I want to say it is likely that we will enjoy this; because those of us who know what it is will be able to sit in the joy of the experience, but for some the experience will be endured.

It is likely that it will take place over three days with a lot of weather variance and activities, from swirling winds, to lightning to thunder to downpours. This is because of the electromagnetic impact on our solar system. The particles in the magnetosphere will be affected by the solar event. It creates this polarizing field of energy between the sun and the magnetosphere which can block out the sun through the particle shifts and create electrical lightning.

You can see this as a beautiful light show and enjoy it, as it is the sealing of our new sun, our new light. This higher dimensional light, this solar light, which will create greater nourishment for humanity, and our higher dimensional bodies. It is exciting.

And then there will be this arrival or arising of plant species, new or returning. Plant species that could not exist in the lower densities -but did in higher dimensions; they will begin to grow anew. To begin with, there will also be many insect species returning, that will be rebirth here in this higher frequency and then we will move through to other variant animal species returning to our planet. It is a wondrous time to behoove. - breathe through it my beloved's.

Big disasters? No! Not apocalyptic however many minor ones creating purging clearing effects and humanity will come then to greater community connection and resource sharing an analysis of real needs and values shifting in relation to this.

Gaia on: Is there to be a pole shift?


We are going to see change in the energetic template of our planet as the three dimensional and four-dimensional energies, templates, matrix, and the 3rd- 4th dimensional toroidal field dissipates. These will be completely gone by 2025.

We are coming into a dimensional shift, an up leveling in frequency and speed of spin, a dissolution of the matrix but not a pole shift. We will move more towards the galactic center and be in receipt of greater photonic light. This will impact more strongly in July where we experience greater alchemy and transformation.

Tips For This Time:

-be intentional with receiving the light

-focus on breathing it

-ground in these energies

-eat high vibration fresh organic foods where possible

-move the body

-keep your thoughts positive

-focus on the outcome that you want and hold that firmly

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