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Energy of NOW!

Core lightening


building energy

human form and planetary body

resonant hum crescendos

Humanity expanding

hearts energy arising

meeting one another

in higher love

words struggle to find meaning

or a place on the lips

as brain fusion (confusion of the brain)

abandons the need for words

in place of expanded feeling

and emotional resonance

magnetic core preparing for movement

pulsation through the Galaxy

photon belt welcoming Gaia further into its embrace

As plasma light wraps and weaves

photonic streams

and human dreams

illumined minds

ease and unwind

as golden light

emits a sacred pulse

a calling out to the universe

signaling intention

a readiness mention

ascension retention

get ready for shock waves

vibration on the airwaves

coordinate grid change

humanitarian upgrade

richness extravagance

golden light-krystos sense

enhances upper mind intelligence

man on the brink of renaissance

to original intention of human ascension

binders and blinders removed from the vision

man woman and child see through the illusion

encapsulate mission

vantage point and vision

in readiness to depart

for galactic reunion

star and planetary communion

Gaia in place

again human race

in position for

5th dimension

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