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Earth on another clear out!

It is a little bumpy on the ride down to Gaia's cave this morning! I am told things are speeding up and we are making adjustments to be in sync with this.

We can clearly discern this strong updraft of wind energy as we land in Gaia's cave and into the still-point. It is as though there is an energetic storm and clearing vortex, coming from the centre of the earth; like a giant cleaning, suction, a whirlwind that is clearing everything. All of the old, out! Out from the centre and off the planet also. This is yet to come.

Gaia welcomes us and signals that she is in surrender mode; as all of the old energies leave. like being in a house you have just bought, but the furniture hasn't yet arrived. She stands with us and wraps her arms around our waists and pulls us in tight. This is new and exciting; we are preparing for our new time!

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