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Earth Needs Your Help!

Gaia is working on water filtering in the inner earth to add into the water cycle at that point. Purification is badly needed in the water tables.

So many particles have been added. The chemical saturation of our air and water needs attention urgently now, as there has been an increased attack on these provisions.

I am shown this equipment that looks like a long Teflon or nylon pipe; with a smaller diameter tube within it that is transparent and looks like crystal or glass. I am told this is a 9th dimensional technology that spins the particulates outwards using principles similar to a centrifuge machine. Those particulates are then transmuted and dissolved. Another planet in the Galaxy, I hear that it is called Teggliasus, has used this technology in the past after an interstellar war left its atmosphere saturated with toxic gases.

Gaia Speaks

There is much work going on in the inner earth to support the earth surface conditions. These have begun to permeate into affecting the inner earth and the health of the beings here; who require great purity of water and air to maintain vibrancy and health.

Therefore, there have been meetings held in discussion of the best way to proceed, as the Inner Earth beings do not interfere with what is going on above on the surface unless it affects them directly. That is for humans and surface dwellers to manage and part of the lesson of being on the earth is to look after it.

These are being implemented to both purify the inner earth conditions and improve surface conditions, through to the ionosphere and in both air and water

There are several ways in which humanity can assist with water improvement:

1. Be mindful and prayerful with water. Bless it, and speak to it whenever you have an interaction with water, be it shower, ocean, river, drinking- say thankyou and add the highest vibrational prayers and blessings to the water. Ask that it be cleaned and purified for the highest good.

2. You can programme small crystals and add them to any waterways you come across in your day. Hold the crystals lovingly in your hand and ask the deva of the crystal to assist in the purification of the water you are going to place it in; bless it as you do so.

3. Become aware of the processes that your local councils and Water Boards or Water Advisories are undertaking and develop some knowledge about what they are adding to your water storage tanks. Have discussions with others, lobby for better quality systems and water.

4. Be aware of your own personal impact on the waterways; what you put into your drains and pipes as well as what you put into your grounds and earth. Also be aware of the chemicals you may flush into town wastewater areas. Each individual action can make a huge difference. Think about reading labels and checking chemicals in cleaning products for house and cars, about sprays and chemicals for gardens and pathways. All of these end up in our water cycle.

5. There is also a bigger action at play currently. There has been an increase in the geoengineering of weather, and in some places chem-trails are still common sites in our skies. There are weather events deliberately created by ? authorities; and they are often filled with pockets of chemicals and particulates. Become more educated about this. This is having a huge impact on our climate, as well as our air, water, and soil health. In turn, this affects the health and well-being of all species on the planet. Gather some knowledge about this; lobby for change.

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