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Earth is like a big wet shaggy dog!

12 September 2018

Currently the planet is accelerating in its spin. We can call this an increase in frequency, vibration and resonance. Gaia likens this impact on the planet and on our own bodies to that of a big shaggy dog shaking itself after a swim!

In this transition point here on earth the planet is speeding up; spinning and accelerating as we prepare to move into a new planetary position ready for the next phase of ascension and acceleration.

Right now, earth is accelerating and spinning faster; but the planet won’t move until greater vibrational stability is created for all. The molecular structure is being stabilized, for both the planet and sentient beings, in preparation for this movement through the galaxy.

We are in this time of preparation for moving. The spin of the planet enables the release of lower frequencies, denser energies; those that are of a slower vibration. Energies that no longer serve humanity or the planet are being transmuted and released.

It’s very exciting! It’s a total celebration and yet that won’t be our final resting place in the galaxy. We will be in a temporary holding pattern until we move again. This will occur when the populace increases in its ability to hold light and to be in higher dimensions. This gradual movement supports the transition into higher dimensionality.

Remember that what happens to the planet also happens to your physical body. Your bodies have been changing and will continue to change from a carbon-based molecular structure to a crystalline structure. Humanity and other sentient beings will become increasingly crystalline, as we move from a 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness. This crystalline structure in the body enables the body to more easily hold those higher frequencies that align more completely with a 5th dimensional aspect. One’s ability to transform, create and manifest is enhanced when one can hold greater light and that light holds a finer frequency and ability to transpire.

It is with great love in my heart that I sit and witness as we move and fulfil my hearts’ desire of this planet ascending back from whence it came. I hope it fills your hearts also. Much love and many, many, blessings to you my dear, dear, inhabitants of this beautiful planet earth.

Thank you. Blessings upon you.


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