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Earth is having a re-set.

Visit to Gaia on 22 September, 2018

This morning on my way down to Gaia I noticed that my crystalline earth star chakra is sparkling and has more diamond light codes there today; its very reflective with more of a pulsating glow than just the radiant light it was earlier.

Standing in front of Gaia this morning she is back in her maiden form looking pristine and sparkly. Gaia’s wings are out and glistening. She is smiling broadly with her arms out and I am mirroring her standing in front of her as I am receiving huge energy in my heart, as I did yesterday, standing in front of her painting. Today she makes a connection with my soul purpose plate in the area of my higher heart, my higher heart stranding with her that same green stranding that went on between her and me in all of my minor chakras earlier in the month. I don’t think I have written about that here.

The energy in the centre of the earth feels as though there is a bit of respite; everything is being re-sorted, re-set, re-structured, put in order today, ready for more transformation and it reminds me of what happens when we move house. All the boxes are put in their places ready to do the next step, the next thing, the unpacking. There’s lots of movement in the centre of the earth this morning; everyone is very calm and steady; orderly and organised. Everyone has their job to do, their role to play. The dragons and the elementals are moving and re-arranging things.

This is in stark contrast to some other visits this month where there have been fires and purging smoke as the earth has been releasing density in its various forms.

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