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Dragon Riding

Once upon a time I met my dragon. Sounds like a fairy tale I know. However I guess in my world of travelling the multiverse there are many sights and experiences that are new to you and also to me. I have just got used to the weird and wonderful and as I say to a couple of my friends "You can't make this stuff up!"

I believe we each have our own personal dragon and later on this year I am gong to be running some workshops to help people connect with and paint their own personal dragon. Send me a message if you are interested and live in or around the Auckland region in New Zealand.

So I have two personal dragons; they are partners and their names are Titan and Maniola. I will introduce Maniola at another time. Titan is very masculine and is massive with skin the colour of titanium which reflects all of the colour spectrum and has a very metallic appearance. He looks fierce; and he can be, but he is also very soft and gentle and loving and speaks to me with his exceptionally deep voice and in such a respectful manner. He protects me at all times and I have to say I always feel safe when I am with him. When I first met him he told me his role was to take me through the time lines and the portals: to get me to places in and on the earth where I was being called out for emergencies. He also turns up without me calling him when he senses that his presence is required.

This morning was one such time. I was about to begin my descent into the cave of Gaia, when Titan turned up and said there was some conflict in the centre of the earth and so he would take me this morning. We placed an invisibility bubble around us and what I witnessed was skirmishes between the knights on horseback and the dragons against some of the dark forces. The dragons were breathing fire and the knights had their swords out. Earlier this year the dark forces were being evacuated. Not exterminated, note, but evacuated. These are those forces and beings that did not leave at that time and so they are being rounded up and when they are captured they will be evicted through the appropriate portals back to their homeland. Those who resist strongly will no doubt be dealt with more harshly.

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