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Diary moment with Gaia.

Wednesday19 September

I thought today I would give you a peek inside the type of things that happen for me in my morning meditation connection with our beautiful Lady Gaia.

Titan, my personal dragon, arrives to pick me up during my morning connection today. He says there are many fires raging in the earth and he will move me safely around them.

When we arrive Gaia is sitting on her amethyst rock; smiling contentedly . Good morning! She greets me with a hug.

Today more dense energies internal of the planet are being burnt off. Hoarding of the dark forces are being eliminated. Gaia is smiling; she is very happy to be losing these attachments, secrets and forms. She says to rest today with heart open and to release through the breath. This is the process to be honouring for both self and the planet today.

Some of the internal lakes within the earth, are bubbling and cleansing from the bottom. There are also many various sized smoke stacks releasing from fires created to purge old stored energies. Various codes, devices and templates have been sealed inside crystals which had then been placed deep inside rock formations in the earth. Gaia spoke of what was stored inside these crystals as having come from the dark forces. These crystals look like bricks of shiny and glossy molten glass after it has been fired and cooled. These were hidden inside rocks and are now being prized out and transmuted by these roaring fires. It is that deep level of clearing that the planet is reaching to release the density that’s been stored there by the dark forces. These secrets, these forms and these attachments that were all designed to keep the frequency down. It is so interesting.

My hands have been doing a lot of vertical movement as these smoke stacks are releasing out through fine vents in the surface of the earth. I often find that my hands make movements in sync with the energies that are occurring when I am working with Gaia, be it sound or visual energy. My hands are spinning at this moment. My right hand is spinning around in an anti-clockwise direction and it’s getting faster and faster; this is just more of the planet getting ready to release more of its dross. Somehow these physical movements help me to understand and integrate the information I am being shown. Maybe it also helps to move the energies. Whichever it is; this is all guided and I trust that it is useful.

Gaia is now feeling much, much lighter and joyous as this, it would seem, is this last movement regarding release of this lower level of densities.

I began with light language in this visitation with Gaia this morning and now there is more light language … these sound waves, which I am also seeing, are different to those done earlier this morning. Where the earlier sound waves were very vertical; these are very even and more horizontal and they are moving to crack open the rocks; to pierce in. Very interesting that the last note created this point where all beings inside the earth stopped and reverently bowed their heads.

Have a magical day!

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