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Alchemy and Transformation

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Dear friends of Inner Sanctum

Welcome to new subscribers and welcome back to existing subscribers. Our subscriber list is still building quickly, which is gratifying as it is wonderful that more and more people are interested in our energetic world and in the messages from Lady Gaia.

I have to tell you that I found June particularly challenging, felt much exhaustion through that time and struggled to get enough sleep. As soon as we moved into early July, it felt as though a weight had been lifted and the curtains were pulled back. Perhaps that was your experience. Many have been suffering from such things as nausea and headaches, aches and pains in the body, exhaustion, sore eyes, and many other symptoms. Hopefully, you too have felt July being brighter and fuller of hope!

During July we have been moving through huge change and greater transformation than we have seen thus far. Difficult to believe, I know! This will continue for the rest of this year as our planet and humanity go through transformation of systems and structures in both the planetary body, society, and the human body. We are experiencing alchemy of our cells during July. These higher light codes and frequencies coming in through the Syrian gateway; the astrological alignment in our skies now, are shifting our density and cellular aspects from density and carbon into crystalline light. There is a special focus on the energetic emotional body, both planet and human. The Lions Gate, open now and fully open on the 8th August; 8 8 is also bringing in a powerhouse of light upgrades to shift things within our lives to have a more positive focus. This will affect each of us differently.

What does this mean for you? These are key aspects to keep in mind. Keep up good practice. That means being grounded, staying hydrated and eating food that is of high nutritional value. Try to include some meditation or contemplation or prayer in your day. Get out in nature. Include some physical exercise in your day. Reduce or cut out television viewing time. Be the observer of what is going on in our world without being dragged into the emotion of it. Be aware that there is a hidden agenda of keeping us in fear so that we have a lower vibration and the beautiful ascension of our planet and humanity is slowed down.

Gaia is inviting each of us to view from the place of what is happening in our physical world and then to take our observation point to a higher perspective and ask what else could be effected and changed as a result of this?

No doubt you will have noticed that the hidden aspects of our world are beginning to surface more and more in the public arena. Whilst much of this is shocking and upsetting; this is part of our shifting to something much better and higher in our world. Each of us can access the truth; but I want to again give advice here. Moderate how much you expose yourself too. Being distressed is not helpful to your well-being or to your energy level. As I mentioned last month; have a look and then come back to being centred and focus on your energy balance.

Gaia speaks of some important information for you. Remember last month she said we need to make a choice of where we place our focus having looked at the existence of all aspects. We must stand in our power or let others decide for us. Also, we have a choice of where and what kind of world we wish to inhabit. Again, we must make a choice. To not make a choice is choice by default. Here is the choice. Do you wish to live in a world that has an AI or Artificial Intelligence focus or a world where we are working with higher consciousness and divine love for all? The choice is yours. Neither is right or wrong. Please make your choice! A powerful way to view the world now is to imagine that it is a movie. You are watching the various characters and plots; it is interesting and intriguing, but it does not spoil your reality. Most of us do not go home from the movie theatre and have nightmares about what we observed. This is the power of being the observer or the witness of what is occurring. It is from a slightly removed perspective. The most important thing for you to know is that we are heading to something good. Hold this so strongly in your knowing. It is our absolute truth. Think of it as a house renovation project that is occurring, just on a grand scale. The house foundations are receiving new piles. The roof is being reshaped and there is a lot of debris. We are keeping the beautiful mouldings and the fireplace surrounds, installing better quality joinery and energy systems. We will have a fantastic dwelling soon but currently there is a lot of dismantling, cleaning, and clearing to be done before the new can be installed. However, we know it is going to be fantastic and much improved on our existing dwelling. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Here is the latest video; which is a short message from Gaia and a lovely meditation to assist you in integrating these energies.

Wishing you so much love and warmth from my heart. Infinite blessings


New crystalline liquid light in our bodies!

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