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career consultation

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.”—Lao Tzu

A career may be described as "the journey taken throughout one's life; including all of the roles, jobs and occupations undertaken both in and out of the paid workforce.  It is developmental and by its very nature is evaluated from a subjective perspective."

An underlying theme in my life has been making a difference. I dream of a world where everyone is engaged in fulfilling their dream, reaching their potential, discovering their inner genius, living their passion.  Where every individual is only adding to the world, not taking away. This work in careers is a means to contribute to this.

Career practitioners can help people to find joy in what they do. Impact! – Immense!

If you are feeling called to know more about your future work and spiritual mission in the world this is the session for you. Sharron will access the Akashic Records to find the answers that you seek.



  • Sharron holds a GDCD: Graduate Diploma In Career Development

  • TAUGHT Careers and Personal Studies programmes to YR11-13 students

  • Taught a GATEWAY programme as support to the GATEWAY in the workplace programme

  • HOD Careers Development

  • Created a CD called Your Future: A guided visualisation programme to develop and refine ideas around work and career.

  • Able to use intuitive ability to support the above.

 There are many reasons to have a Career Consultation, including the below:

  • looking for developing greater value in a current role.

  • needing a big change in direction due to total dissatisfaction

  • wanting to re-create oneself in the work force

  • needing to step into purpose and wanting guidance around that transition.

  • feeling lost about where your passion, skills, direction lies.

  • needing assistance in where and what qualification or training to undertake.

Want to book a session?

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